Community Mapping Contest #1

To formally usher in our newest osu!musician, yuki. we've decided to hold an all-modes mapping contest with a brand new twist.

  • Only a single difficulty will be accepted per difficulty tier per gamemode. To clarify, difficulty tiers are represented by the standard range of difficulty - Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Extra as represented by star rating in the game client.
    • For the purposes of the above, any difficulty above 5.5 stars will be considered as an Extra difficulty.
    • You may also submit a full set for one gamemode consisting of a maximum of one difficulty for each difficulty tier.
    • You are not required to submit an entry for each difficulty tier if you do not want to. You may skip tiers completely, but you may only ever submit one of each tier.
  • Each game-mode will be listed as a separate contest in the contest system. Users that wish to participate in multiple gamemodes must submit at least one difficulty for each gamemode that they're interested in.
  • Difficulties will be grouped within their specific difficulty tiers per gamemode and then opened to a community vote (using the new contest system) to determine the winner for each tier. The most popular entry will be considered the winning difficulty for that gamemode, and will be bundled together with the winners of the other difficulty tiers in the winning mapset.
    • For example, all of the 1-2 star maps submitted for the osu!standard gamemode will be competing for the same spot, and so on for each gamemode and difficulty tier.

Entries must be submitted by the 7th of November. No entries will be accepted past this date under any circumstances.

Download the pre-timed contest .osz file here.

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