Aspire 2017

Vote for your favourite Aspire 2017 entries and help us determine this year's Aspirant!

You can view the final twelve entries via the following methods:

  • Visit the Aspire 2017 Contest Playlist and simply watch each entry in order. This is the easiest option and requires the least effort.
  • Downloading the Aspire 2017 Judging Pack and extracting it into your Songs folder, ONE OSZ AT A TIME. You must extract and review each osz INDIVIDUALLY before deleting the entry and adding another, or the entries will sound incorrect or may not even work.

If you choose to download the Judging Pack (or if you click "Download .osz" below), you MUST disable hitlighting via the in-game options menu or several entries may crash your game half-way through.

We highly recommend using the playlist option to review the entries.

You may vote for up to THREE (3) entries.

In the event of a tie, the HM judging panel will determine the winner via standard MBC (50pts) scoring.

Discuss your choices and your thoughts on the entries at the official discussion thread on the forums!

Voting for this contest has ended