Aspire 2017

Think you have what it takes to be the best? Fight among your peers for the coveted Aspirant title, the hallmark of a beatmapper who is leagues above the rest in skill and composition.

Brave the nearly 6 minute extended hell of The Solace of Oblivion by Helblinde, and create a new map using everything at your disposal!


  • This contest is for osu! (standard) mode only.
  • The osu! Ranking Criteria DOES NOT APPLY to this contest.
  • You may submit ONE difficulty to the contest. This may be of any difficulty tier that you wish, though Aspire contests typically attract Expert (5.25+) and above.
  • The map itself must be able to be passed, with mods or otherwise. Maps which autofail (defined as immediately failing at the end of the map when played by Auto) will be immediately disqualified, no questions asked.
  • Any entries with additional resources (hitsounds, storyboards, etc) must be submitted in .osz format, with a size no greater than 20mb. Accounting for song size, you have roughly 11mb of asset space available for your use. Petitions for additional space must be sent via forum PM to Ephemeral.
  • The drain time of your entry must be at least 70% of the song's total length. Basically, you have to map at LEAST 70% of the song.

More information on this contest is available from the announcement post.

Download the contest osz file here.

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